About Us

My name is Paula and I’m the owner of “Bird Toys ‘n’ Things”. I have a passion for birds and keeping them happy and healthy.  Toys play a big part in that.  I have tested many toys I offer on my own birds and you will find my favorites under “Paula’s Picks”!  Having great Customer Service by adding a personal touch is important to me. If there is a particular toy that your birds love, please let me know and I will do my best to continue stocking it. The same goes for any product I offer.  There are new and exciting things coming out all the time and I strive to bring them to you as well!  I would love to hear feedback from customers to help improve your bird’s toy experience!  Now to introduce you to my feathered family:

The oldest and smallest is my 15 year old Green Cheek Conure, “Paco”.  He’s my little feather picker. I believe he has valid reasons for picking, considering what he has endured in his short life! “Paco” broke his leg exactly one week from the day I brought him home. At a later date, he developed a problem with his oil gland becoming impacted.  Around age 9 or 10 he almost drown in the toilet bowl. With help from me on the spot (CPR), and a lot of help from my veterinarian, Dr Mary Grabowski, he recovered fully!  Since that incident, he has been a picker. I call him my little trouble maker!

This is “Rosie”, my 14 year old Hahn’s Macaw, also referred as a Mini-Macaw.  Hahn’s are known for their talking ability and said to be a “large Macaw in a small package”. That statement couldn’t be truer. “Rosie” has a huge vocabulary and talks non-stop! She has successfully mastered all of the vowels, making it a snap to pick up anything she wants to and seems excited to try it out on you and her brothers. “Rosie” tells my dog to sing, he sings.  She sings the “Paco” song (Rosie, Paco and I wrote it together) and tells “Paco” to dance, he dances.  When she’s not talking, she’s whistling. She’s a real love.

Last but far from being least, this is my 7 year old Moluccan Cockatoo, “Peanut”. Anyone who owns a cockatoo or has researched them knows they are prone to screaming. “Peanut” screams when he wants out of his cage and he vocalizes when he’s out of his cage happily playing on his rope. One might ask, “Why would you want to own such a loud bird”? Cockatoos are extremely social, lovable, and playful birds!  Their clownish antics are like being at the circus! “Peanut” is not a big talker, but the love I receive and the comical nature far outweighs his limited ability to talk. He plays with my dog and they are always trying to get away with the most unusual antics!

That’s my feathered family! Of course there are other members, but they are of the four-legged nature.

I spoke of Dr Mary Grabowski, DVM earlier, being “Paco’s” savior and the health professional for all my pets. She’s an Exotic Veterinarian at Northwest Exotic Veterinary Clinic in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL.  It’s truly unfortunate that not everyone who visits this site will have the opportunity to benefit from her experience, knowledge and outstanding bedside manner!  If you do live in the Chicago area, you have that opportunity and I will say that if you choose to visit her, you and your pet(s) will not regret it.  I have never met a more compassionate person. (Yes Veterinarian’s are people too!) Dr. Grabowski sees any and all types of animals, no pet is excluded!  She is also licensed in treating/rehabbing wildlife animals and does so when she comes across an injured one. If you would like firsthand information about Dr Grabowski, please contact me: info@birdtoysandthings.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also visit Dr Grabowski and her staff on her website: nwexoticvet.com